I work with a range of digital media; video, sound, GIFs and websites, following my interest in witchcraft as well as investigating subjects such as refusal of work, mental health and performance online, especially on YouTube.

„A Séance: how to open up your very own online shop (very easy)” workshop @ panke.gallery, Berlin (2019) (credits: Alexia Manzano). http://eshop.panke.gallery

"Come Hug Me" HTML page with video, audio and GIFs (2018). This work was made during the web residency Digitale Performance, supported by FAVORITEN Festival Dortmund.

"Das Kraftwerk der großen Emotionen" animated GIF (2018).

"This is as close as you get" Image series: prints and online archive (2018). Collaborative project with Amelie Befeldt.

"Restless Legs" (above) and "Schlafzimmer" (below) Two animated GIFs (2018). Installation view: elegante_bilder.gif , LAGE, Kassel.

"Only For Special You" Fictional online persona: YouTube Channel, Instagram Account (2017 - continuous). Installation view: Düstere Zeiten erfordern düstere Maßnahmen, documenta-Halle, Kassel (above) and Stellwerk, Kassel (bottom, credits: Holger Jenss).

"Medium Sad Song" Video (2017).

"ASMR" Three channel video installation (2016). Installation view of Monitoring, Kasseler Dokfest.

"Pie Charts" Three 3D-modelled pie charts, JPEGS (2016).

Animated GIF series (2016 - continuous).

"Glitterfy that!" animated GIF series (2015 - continuous). Installation view: Soft Working, Kunsthochschule Kassel: Pillow, three smartphones, one tablet and chargers.

Untitled, Two photographs, matte prints 42cm x 59cm (2015). Installation view: Jour Fixe, Kunsthochschule Kassel.

Untitled, Sound installation using binaural beats (2014): carpet, cushions, molleton, two subwoofers.

"Heidi" video and audio loop (2014). Installation view: Politique 2 l’ Accrochage, Interim, Kassel.

"Beyoncé" video (2013).

Untitled, drawings / intervention (2013).